About Us

About Us

At Aharav Consultants, we are dedicated to driving innovation,
maximising potential, and guiding our clients towards sustainable growth and success through identification and development of pharmaceutical products.


Our vision is to enable pharmaceutical companies, startups, and dossier developers to effortlessly navigate the complexities of portfolio management with the support of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology. We are passionate about being the leading provider in drug portfolio rationalisation, using innovative technology solutions to drive efficiency, cost savings, and strategic decision-making.


Our values lie in the principles that drive us. We are guided by a set of core values that shape our every action and decision. Integrity, innovation, and pragmatic assessment are at the forefront of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering superior value to our clients by providing unparalleled expertise, exceptional service, and innovative solutions that exceed expectations while keeping things simple and effective.


Our mission is to partner with and empower pharmaceutical companies by providing innovative tools and solutions that streamline portfolio management methods to achieve the right product USPs. We are committed to saving our clients valuable time and resources by offering a cutting-edge portfolio management platform that delivers instant, reliable results and actionable insights based on custom requests.

Why Choose Us ?

The BGMA values Aharav Consulting’s support, utilising HORIZONS & analyst reports to build an evidence base. We use this evidence to advocate the savings potential of generics and biosimilars to the Government, Parliamentarians, and the Media. -BGMA

Experience the Aharav Consultants Difference:

With our indigenously designed platforms HORIZONS and PHARMAPET, you can save up to 80-90% of the time and 50-60% on costs associated with portfolio analysis and data analytics as compared to other branded databases.

Our intuitive interface allows you to choose portfolio and product selection in seconds, giving you actionable insights and potential candidate data to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, our flexible subscription model makes it easy to access our platform and unlock the full potential of your portfolio.

Join the ever growing list of pharmaceutical companies who trust Aharav Consultants to optimise their portfolios and drive success.

Avijit Kelkar: Expert in Intellectual Property and Legal Strategy

Avijit Kelkar is the co-founder of Aharav Consultants, bringing a broad range of technical expertise and experience to the firm. With a PhD and Post Doctorate in Organic Chemistry, he has a strong science background and has successfully ventured into various streams including Intellectual Property (IP), legal portfolio management, and strategy. As a qualified patent attorney and GDPR compliance officer, Avijit has a comprehensive understanding of the intersections between R&D, IP, and legal functions.

Before starting his own consulting firm in May 2018, Avijit managed portfolio strategy and IP with top generic companies such as Dr. Reddy’s and Sun Pharma. Since then, he has been leading a team of consultants focused on the global SME sector, helping clients find the right products and opportunities. His expertise in product selection, strategic risk assessment, and bioequivalence in drug development, along with his experience in patent and trademark litigation, drafting, and invalidation, make him a valuable asset to clients throughout the product lifecycle, from “cradle to grave.

Avijit specializes in pharma-GDPR and has been a European Patent practitioner and GDPR consultant for the past four years, leveraging his skills to collaborate across various functions and achieve common goals, particularly in business development and portfolio management